Introduced to Nan McEvoy by Maggie Klein (of Oliveto Café and Restaurant renown, and author of The Feast of the Olive), Dr. Maurizio Castelli, an agronomist and oenologist originally from Pistoia, has played an integral part in our creation and evolution as makers of exceptional extra virgin olive oil. Considered one of Italy's foremost experts on both olive oil and wine, Castelli was instrumental in importing both the Italian olive tree seedlings and the revolutionary Italian frantoio used to crush and mill olives at McEvoy Ranch; he travels to California several times a year to participate and advise during the various stages of production, as well as to celebrate each harvest. When we decided to try our hand at winemaking, we tapped Maurizio's considerable skills once again; his ongoing connection to the ranch is truly indispensable.

Maurizio Castelli