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  • McEvoy Ranch Olio Nuovo olive oil
McEvoy Ranch Olio Nuovo olive oil

2017 Olio Nuovo Olive Oil - 375 ml


Olio Nuovo, Italian for "New Oil," is a celebration of the olive harvest season. The olives come straight from the tree to the mill, and then to the bottle without resting and without the solids settling out. While a blend of several olive varieties, the backbone is formed by Frantoio, known for its fruitiness, balance, and pungency, hallmarks of classic Tuscan-style olive oils.

100% estate grown, the 2017 release has incredible notes of sweet, green almond, freshly cut grass, green and ripe olives mixed together, bright black pepper, a hint of tomato leaf, artichoke , and herbaceous flavors of bitter greens and green tea.

General Manager Samantha Dorsey’s favorite use is to fry eggs sunny-side up with it, then grind a little salt and pepper onto a piece of bread and slide the egg on top so that the olive oil soaks into the toast. Or try Chef Gerard Gass‘ recipe for Peppered Olio Nuovo cookies for a tantalizing dessert. It is also adds a distinct flavor to roasted potatoes (our favorites are the small red and purple ones) and fresh crab.

Olio Nuovo is only available for a few short months following autumn's harvest.

375 mL size | Polyphenol Count: 305 mg/kg

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