Olive Tree Consultation Services

Please note: Consultations have been temporarily suspended for this season. If you need a recommendation regarding a consultation, call our front office at 866.617.6779


We offer consultations on various aspects of olive orchard establishment and management, including planning, planting, pruning, fertilizing, watering, and harvesting. We are available for on-site property evaluations and meetings at McEvoy Ranch, working on both large and small-scale projects. Phone consultations are also available when travel is prohibitive. 


Samantha Dorsey is available for olive orchard consultations at McEvoy Ranch or by phone only. She has worked at the Ranch since 2001 and is now the General Manager. She has consulted for olive orchards throughout California and into Oregon, south to Baja, Mexico and as far east as Texas. She conducts annual workshops at the Ranch on olive tree care and has contributed to olive workshop panel discussions at UC Davis. 


Guillermo Barba is available for on-site olive orchard consultation services at your property. Guillermo has worked at the Ranch since 1991, and his extensive experience and knowledge of pruning and olive tree care provide customers with comprehensive expert advice.


To see a list of upcoming olive workshops at McEvoy Ranch, visit our Workshops & Events page. If you don’t see an offering, be sure to subscribe to our email list that highlights new workshops, offerings, and promotional offers.


RATE: $175/hr (Includes consultation and travel time. The minimum charge for consultation is one hour.) Full day rate is $1,000.

  1. Olio Nuovo Olive Oil - Case (375mL)

    Olio Nuovo Olive Oil - Case (375mL)

    Steeped in the Italian tradition of creating a "New Oil," our 2018 bottling can be summed in one word - GREEN. Phenomenal notes of green olive, raw artichoke, freshly cut grass, and the herbaceous flavors of bitter greens and green tea. There's an ever so slight hint of cinnamon from the Leccino olive that enthralls us. Balanced with just a bit of bitterness so you know it is Olio Nuovo with a pungency in the throat that reminds you why old traditions are good to keep. learn more »
  2. Farmers Market Gift Set

    Farmer's Market

    This gift set has our McEvoy Ranch Market Tote bag with long handles to comfortably take you to your favorite farmers' market. Can be used for trips to the bookstore, yoga studio, or whatever you'd like! Of course, the extra bonus is our AbFab Certified Organic Extra Virgin Traditional Blend Olive Oil. We recommend you take that out of the bag and use it! learn more »
  3. Olive Orchard Gift Set

    Olive Orchard

    This gift set comes with a 375ml bottle of our Tradtional Blend Certified Organic Extra Virgin olive oil, a jar of Citrus Olives (100% slow-cured Sevillano olives with fresh lemons), plus a gorgeous olive wood serving dish made in France that has a spot for the pits. For extra delight, a matching olive pick is included. learn more »
  4. Citrus Orchard Gift Set

    Citrus Orchard

    This lemon-themed gift set includes a 375ml bottle of our Lemon Olive Oil (done in the traditional Agrumato method of simultaneously crushing olives with organic lemons), a jar of Lemon Marmalade, Citrus Olives for an easy appetizer, and a hand juicer crafted from olive wood for those moments when life gives you lemons...and you make lemonade. learn more »