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OLIVE MILLING We offer three different options for olive milling to meet the needs of small, mid and large-scale growers
Olive Milling

We offer three different options for olive milling each harvest season to meet the needs of smallmid and large-scale growers. We understand that the weight of your projected crop is an estimate but our guide below will determine the best approach. 

Olives should be harvested approximately 24 hours prior to your scheduled milling date. 

Please bring a non-perishable food item (not in a glass container) with you to donate to our Redwood Empire Food Bank collection barrel.



By Appointment Only
Quantity: 2000+ pounds of olives

Private millings for high-volume crops estimated to weigh 2000 pounds or more can only be scheduled by submitting our milling contract. Once received, we will contact you to finalize a mutually agreeable date.


By Appointment Only
Quantity: 500–2000 pounds of olives

Individual private batches for crops estimated to weigh 500–2000 pounds will be milled on specific days for pre-registered customers. Fruit must be delivered to McEvoy Ranch between 7–8am on your scheduled mill date; alternate times must be pre-arranged. Schedule by completing our milling contractspace is limited.


Date: Sunday Nov 6th, 2016
Time: Drop off 8–10:30 am
Quantity: 1–499 pounds of olives

Our Community Milling days are an opportunity for small growers to combine their olives to create a truly local blend. We mill Tuscan fruit in one batch and all other fruit in another; the amount of olive oil you receive is commensurate to the number of pounds you contribute (no amount is too small!). Pre-registration is required. Please note—severe storms may result in postponement.

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Do you have everything you need for harvest?

Picker pails with harnesses ($35), 40 lb lugs ($25) and rakes ($4.50) are available for sale at McEvoy Ranch. We will also have available ½ ton bins, 40 lb lugs and picker pails for rent. To make an appointment to purchase these items before harvest please email or call 707.778.0128.

Click here to order harvest equipment.


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