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Our Culinary Collection
McEvoy Ranch Culinary Collection

We’re known for making extraordinary extra virgin olive oil. But around our kitchen table, we enjoy many other items that grow in our lush gardens or that pair exceedingly well with our wines. This was the impetus for our robust Culinary Collection.

For us, our orchards and gardens are so special and our commitment to a sustainable ecosystem is tantamount. Plant what you eat, eat what you plant – is an appropriate phrase and bears fruit (literally) for our intentions.

Northern California has a vibrant community of innovators and we are part of that mix. While we love being able to freshly pick fruit from our garden to make apple butter or plum jam, not everyone is as lucky to have this at their home. For this reason, we sell our specialty items online, the Ferry Building Shop, and at our Ranch. Each of our items is selected by hand with our quality guarantee.


Our Culinary Collection

Beautifully designed with original illustrations, each item adds a bit of sophisticated Wine Country Living to your table. They are also perfect hostess gifts or select a few to send to friends faraway.

So tempting and delicious, you will have to try them all!

Olive Oil
Jams & Marmalades


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