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Our Olive Oil
McEvoy Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It all started with a book that Nion gave to his mother – The Feast of the Olive by Maggie Klein. Rumor has it that after reading the book, Nan contacted Maurizio Castelli, one of Italy’s foremost experts on the subject, and three days later, he was at the Ranch setting out a game plan that would one day lead us from “olive oil for our kitchen table” to “world-renowned olive oil.”

Our estate grown extra virgin olive oils are the result of a mindful and passionate dedication to excellence, from orchard to bottle. All our estate oils are certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and planted to maintain vine balance with small spacing working within our land’s agro-ecosystem. Everything is done entirely on the Ranch – growing the olives, harvesting, milling, blending, and bottling. Join us for a Ranch Tour to learn more about our process.

Our signature Traditional Blend has a rich, robust flavor as a result of blending seven Italian varieties: Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Moraiolo, Maurino, Coratina, and Leccio del Corno. Frantoio and Leccino comprise 85% of the blend giving the oil its green fruit and pungent characteristics, as well as a softer note. The remaining varieties provide balance and depth.

We produce two small batch olive oils depending on the harvest’s crop – our Olio Nuovo and a Limited Edition blend.

Olio Nuovo ("New Oil") is a celebration of the season and is available for only a few months following autumn's harvest. The oil is bottled immediately, without filtration, and has a vibrant green color, rich fruit flavor, and a peppery finish.

The Limited Edition Olive Oil debuted in 2008. It is a reserve oil released in the late spring with the blend changing depending on that season's harvest. Hand-selecting different varieties allows our Mill Master complete control and free expression in this endeavor.

We also offer a superior non-organic oil, produced from olives grown in exceptional California orchards and marketed through exclusive retail partners in Northern California.

Learn more about what inspired our Founder Nan McEvoy’s passion for olives, our organic farming philosophy, and how we work with the natural habitat when farming our olive orchards in this short video. The clip features General Manager Samantha Dorsey, Farming Manager Ria D’Aversa, Mill Master Deborah Rogers, and Consultant Maurizio Castelli as they discuss the importance of diversity in varieties and ripening levels, the unique microclimate that we enjoy in the Petaluma Gap, and the process for harvesting and milling exquisite olive oil. Be forewarned, after viewing you will want to drizzle some of our Traditional Blend Olive Oil on a piece of crusty French bread immediately.

Harvest & History | McEvoy Ranch Estate Grown, Certified Organic Olive Oil.

A study conducted by UC Davis put domestic and imported olive oils purporting to be extra virgin to the test. Unlike most, all three of our samples met California Olive Oil Council (COOC) standards for extra virgin olive oil. The COOC is a certifying agency that supports the long-established standards of the International Olive Council (IOC), headquartered in Madrid, Spain. A COOC-certified extra virgin olive oil is free of any chemical processing, cold-processed at a temperature less than 27 degrees centigrade, has an acidity level of no greater than 0.5% (more strict than the International Olive Council's standard of 0.8%) and has an aroma and flavor profile that meets the standards of its certified tasters panel. We take our certification seriously and are proud to continue this tradition.

Our Olive Oil


Certified organic, extra virgin, and grown on our estate:

Traditional Blend Olive Oil
Limited Edition Olive Oil
Olio Nuovo Olive Oil
Lemon Olive Oil
Jalapeño Olive Oil

Gold Medals:
2018 YOLO County Fair
2018 New York International Olive Oil Competition 2018
2016 New York International Olive Oil Competition
2016 LA International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
2016 California State Fair


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