10 Fresh Gift Ideas from ODE for Moms Who Love Flowers

fresh gift ideas for moms who love flowers from Ode Natural beauty of mcevoy ranch With Mother’s Day fast approaching, you might be wondering how you’re going to find the perfect present for the moms in your life. How do you pack all that appreciation into one gift? Flowers are a classic gesture, but if you’re ready to start a new Mother’s Day tradition, we’ve got 10 Fresh Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love Flowers inspired by our floral-scented skincare from ODE Natural Beauty.

How’s it growing?

Gift ideas for the mom who loveslavender

If your mom prefers to lounge in a soothing lavender bath after a day in the sun, pick up ourODE Lavender Body Balm. All of our beauty products are crafted with extra virgin olive oil, which we make right here at McEvoy Ranch. EVOO isultra-hydrating and protective, giving our products all the nourishment and health benefits that busy moms need most. gift ideas for moms who love lavender

Pro Tip: Pair with ourLavender Olive Oil Sea Salt Scrub for a relaxing, at-home spa day.

Merci Bouquet

gift ideas for moms who love roses

Gift ideas for the mom who lovesroses

Does your mom’s face light up whenever she gets roses?Switch it up this year with her favorite scent infused into a rich body balm,inspired by the roses growing around the estate at McEvoy Ranch.Brit + Co callsODE Bohemian Rose Olive Oil Body Balm a “solve-everything skin salve.” For an all over glow, try ourScrub & Balm Set, which includes Olive Oil Sea Salt Scrub and Body Balm in bothVerde& Bohemian Rosebohemian rose and verde gift ideas for mothers day

Here Comes the Sun(flowers)

gift ideas for moms who love sunflowers

Gift ideas for the mom who lovessunflowers

This month, we start sowing sunflower seeds on the ranch. Just as wecheer on our our olive oil trees, we love seeing our sunflowers come into bloom; their brightness always makes us smile. If your mom prefers vibrant bouquets of our favorite feel-good flowers, go with ourCitrus Oro Olive Oil Body Balm. This scent is an exhilarating mood-lifter, and it's sure to brighten's mom's day. Plus,New Beauty calls the body balm solid, silky, and long-lasting.

Pro Tip: Apply body balm generously after showering for all over glow, then follow up with a spritz ofCitrus Oro Eau De Parfum and breathe in the sunshine.

Green Beauty

Gift ideas for the mom who loves flowers, but not floral scents

For green thumb moms who prefer garden greens to garden blooms would enjoy ourVerde Olive Oil Body Balm. Its herbaceous fragrance has hints of fresh cut grass and sweet basil, capturing all the invigorating notes of summer in our coastal olive orchards at McEvoy Ranch. Treat her to a full collection of our bath time favorites with our popularVerde Olive Oil Shampoo andConditioner.gift ideas for moms who love green beauty

Color Me Beautiful

Gift ideas for the mom who loves a mixed bouquet

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, so for Moms who find beauty in every type of flower, we have the perfect gift. Curated with our top-selling products from each of our scent collections, our newNourish & Bloom Essentials Kit offer a little bit of everything. Ideal for moms on-the-go, this mixed bouquet of our very best from ODE is available in TSA-approved travel sizes and available for a limited time only. 10 Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love Flowers by ODE of McEvoy Ranch