10 quick bites in the Ferry Building for under $10

Let's do lunch - McEvoy Ranch style in the San Francisco Ferry Building. 10649590_909760079054906_7646964969595168577_n The San Francisco Ferry Building is a beacon for farm to table food, and there's no such thing as picking the wrong thing to eat. Sometimes it can get spendy, though, and all the delicious choices can be overwhelming. Thanks to our retail shop inside the building, we have a lot of practice lunching under the clocktower. Here our top picks for the most delicious, quick lunches for under $10:
American Eatery.
prather ranch burger. American Eatery Burger. Photo courtesy of Prather Ranch
The fast food window of Prather Ranch has some seriously delicious options. Our go-to items from the American Eatery menu are the burger ($10) and the all-beef hot dog ($6.50). Fun fact: the hot dog has Oprah's All things delicious approval.
Cowgirl Creamery's Sidekick. A cheese-themed cafe? Yes, please. Our top pick: the Macaroni and Cheese for only $7.25! If you're looking for a little more, add pancetta, ham, blue cheese or olive mix for an additional $2. Sandwiches are also under $10.
Frog Hollow.
avocado toast photo credit: Omar Bàrcena via Flickr
Two words: Avocado Toast. Imagine thick slices of Acme green onion slab, toasted and drizzled with olive oil, then rubbed with garlic and topped with half of an avocado (per slice!). $6 for half or $10 for whole.
Out the Door. There is no wrong choice to make at Out the Door. Our go-to dishes are Fresh Spring Rolls, Green Papaya Salad or a few steamed pork or veggie buns. Insider tip - check the specials menu for Vegetarian Curry.
Boccalone. boccalone Boccalone's Salami Panini $8.50 (photo above) is wrapped up and ready to go. If you have a few minutes to spare, order the Muffuletta Panini for $10.00. It's worth the wait.
El Porteño. El Porteño Empanadas. Our favorites include Acelga - organic swiss chard, gruyere and toasted pine nuts, Champiñones - mushrooms sautéed with shallots, aged parmesan and crème fraiche, and Pollo - chicken, raisins, onions and green olives - $4.50 each.
quesadilla mijita
Quesadilla Mijita. Photo courtesy of Nick via Flickr
Fish tacos, Tortilla soup and our shop favorite, the infamous Quesadilla Mijita. The Quesadilla Mijita is a Mexico City-style quesadilla described as a masa-turn over filled with a mixture of Mexican cheeses, epazote and roasted chiles. It's fried and topped with guacamole and salsas. $5.50 Tacolicious. Only available at the Ferry Building Thursday Market 10am - 2pm. Three tacos for $9, we thing short rib, beer-and-a-shot braised chicken and veggie is the perfect combo.
Onigilly. onigilly Confession: this option is not in the Ferry Building. It's just across the street in the Embarcadero Center. Our top pick is the >strong>Edamame Set with Takana, Renkon and Spicy Shrimp Onigilly, which includes edamame and pickles. $8.74 - $10.81
Street Food Namu. Okonomiyaki,(o-konomi-yaki) is easier to say that it looks. Not sure what it is, trust us on this one. Okonomiyaki is a crispy and gooey savory pancake with kimchee, scallions, market veggies, bonito flakes and special sauces. The free range egg is an add on option but for us it's mandatory. $8 + $1 for the egg.
With so many great options between the thrice weekly farmers market and within a stones throw of the building itself there's a few more lists we can share with you. Stay tuned for more.