November Farmers Market Bounty

Peppers The season change is evidenced by the changing produce at our local farmer’s markets. Pumpkins and pomegranates share space with the last of the tomatoes and bright shiny eggplants. One of the most eye catching displays is the pile up of multicolor, multi shape peppers as seen from last Saturday’s market in Santa Rosa. I couldn’t resist the temptation to make roasted red peppers. They are a beautiful and delectable addition to pasta and salads and yummy on top of a burger. You can roast them in the oven or grill them on a grill or grill pan but I find roasting them directly on a flame as pictured here, is simple and quick. When the skin is uniformly blackened, remove the pepper from the flame and allow it to cool. Cover in a bowl or put in a plastic bag so the skin will sweat off and be easy to remove. Cut the pepper in half, remove the seeds and turn over to peel off the blackened skin. It’s messy but it isn’t difficult. Slice the pepper into ribbons, dress with McEvoy aged balsamic vinegar and lemon oil, salt and pepper. Pepper Ribbons & Oil