2012 Release Traditional Blend

Good things come to those who wait...we're pretty sure this year's 2012 Traditional blend will be worth it.

Like many Bay Area farmers, our olive harvest last November was light; however, what we've lost in yield may be worth the sacrifice, as we're finding this year's blend extraordinarily flavorful. In fact, the intensity and complexity were so great after milling, we decided to give our signature blend an extra long period of rest to allow the flavors to mellow and render the blend more harmonious. Our 2012 Traditional Blend extra virgin olive oil is set for release online beginning April 1st and in our San Francisco Ferry Building shop this Friday, March 30th at noon. Here are some notes from the frantoio on this year's release:
VARIETIES: Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino, Moraiolo, Coratina, Leccio del Corno
APPEARANCE: Grass green at harvest, mellowing to a greenish gold
AROMA: Intense aromas of freshly cut celery and carrot, white cauliflower and sliced artichoke
FLAVOR: Peppery, with notes of fresh green pistachio followed by freshly-harvested, slightly bitter almond and a long, full-bodied finish
QUALITY: Estate grown and produced; certifed extra virgin by California Olive Oil Council (COOC); certified organic by California Certified Organic Farms (CCOF); unfiltered
EXTRACTION: The McEvoy Ranch frantoio, or olive mill, uses Rapanelli equiment imported from Italy exclusively and is the only mill of its kind in the United States. The freshly harvested olives are crushed by stone and blade mills and the oil is extracted via centrifugation and gravity separation. The result is an extra virgin olive oil of the hightest quality — well balanced, smoothly textured and of unparalleled flavor.
ORCHARD: 80 acres of the 550-acre McEvoy Ranch support more than 18,000 trees in the Marin County hills west of Petaluma, CA.
HARVEST METHODS: Harvested with pneumatic and electric combs, November 2011
Enjoy and make sure to let us know how you like the new release on facebook and twitter.