2013 Traditional Blend

Picture 056Each year following our November olive harvest and the bottling of our earliest fruit for our seasonal blend, Olio Nuovo, the majority of our oil rests in tank for a few months before its late winter release. During this time the seven varietals settle a bit and meld into a complex and robust blend that we release as our signature oil, the Traditional blend. While we try to hold true to our Tuscan roots and keep the grassy notes and peppery finish consistent from year to year, each vintage has its own nuances, keeping us on our toes and adding a little more excitement to what might be in store for the coming year. olivesMSThis year's blend is comprised of Frantoio (45%), Leccino (30%), Pendolino (4%), Coratina (3%), Moraiolo (2%), Maurino (1%) and Leccio del Corno 1%). We harvested when our fruit was slightly more ripe to increase the fruitiness of our oil relative to the pungency and bitterness characteristic of our Tuscan-style blend. The slightly later harvest gives this year's blend a more golden hue than previous years with aromas and flavors of artichoke, almond and fresh green, followed by an elegant, peppery finish and short-lived bitterness. Our oil is estate-grown and produced at our ranch in Petaluma, certified organic and certified extra virgin. Find our 2013 Traditional blend online, in our Ferry Building shop and through select retailers near you. p.s. Let us know what you think!