2014 Limited Edition + A Retrospective

Our Limited Edition extra virgin olive oilseries began in 2008. Our goal was to share another expression of the ranch that would complement our signature Traditional blend. We also wanted to explore other olive varietials flourishing on the property and experiment with different milling methods. Afterall, olive oil production, like our winemaking, is an art.McEvoy_Oil_14-LE_Bottle-Box-HR Over Memorial Day weekend, we unveiled our sixth Limited Edition, which is our first single varietal release to date, comprised of 100% Moraiolo. This 2014 reserve oil is peppery with a slight bitterness, an elegant mouth-feel and notes of artichoke and leek, accompanied by aromas of freshly cut grass, dried flowers and herbs. To celebrate the unique composition of each spring release, we create custom artwork inspired by the ranch to adorn each bottle. This year's label is a celebration of place -- the fertile land supporting 20,000 Tuscan olive trees at our Northern California ranch. We hope you enjoy it the warm months ahead, drizzled over fresh greens, fresh cheeses and even sorbet, and we look forward to hearing what you think! Find our 2014 Limited in our San Francisco Ferry Buildingand SFO shops, and online. P.S. Here's a look back at our Limited Edition labels over the years...
Cypress Cypress
Windmill Windmill
Chinese Pavillion Chinese Pavillion
20th Anniversary 20th Anniversary
Red Piano Red Piano
Surface_ 098 California Made
2011 Ltd Edition Surface_ 098 Surface_ 098Surface_ 098