4 Ways to Enjoy Edible Bouquets

While our selection of greens, fruits and veggies vary by the week, nearly every single Ferry Building shop delivery from the ranch includes edible bouquets. Perhaps it's our forgiving California climate that provides year-round blooms, or maybe it's just that our garden girls have a knack for looking beyond flowers for creative accents with flowering herbs, colorful vegetable leaves and even ruffled leaves of red russian kale.
boragebite Borage and calendula on burrata with extra virgin olive oil
No matter what they put together, each week brings a stunning taste of the season, offering a little variation from the week before and a nice variety of petals, textures and colors to pull from in the kitchen. Here are five of our favorite ways to enjoy these colorful bunches:
Garden Tour June 2012 058 Garden Tour lunch, June 2012
1. GARNISH - add a touch of color to drab dips, hummus, fresh cheeses; or sprinkle over soups and salads just before serving 2. SWEETEN YOUR SWEETS - edible flowers make a lovely, fresh toppers for cakes or cupcakes; we also like to candy petals for a longer-lasting baking garnish, or preserve them with our jams and marmalades, like our jam maker, ellen likes to do! 3. STEEPED - feverfew, calendula, or spearmint make excellent herbal teas; petals can also be added to the tub for an extra special soak
edibleflowers for a cooler cocktail...
4. NICER ICE- fill empty ice cube trays with individual petals or whole flowers, depending on flower's size; cover with water, freeze and enjoy with your favorite cocktail Edible flower bouquets are $9 per bunch and available each Tuesday and Friday afternoon in our SF Ferry Building shop. For more garden inspiration, join us on April 13th for our annual Floral Arrangement Workshop, where our garden girls will be sharing tips and tricks to building beautiful displays. And here's a look at some of our favorite edible blooms and bunches from the ranch... Any favorites?