Bright lemony deliciousness

Meyer lemons make me think of sunshine. Of the first days I started going to the farmer’s market. And, in essence, of California. While the fruit actually originates from China, it has definitely made its mark on our state. The Meyer lemon'sjuices, aroma, and zest are hailed by many California Cuisinechefs while California growers appreciate the tree's epic production rate and low-maintenance personality. So to offer you all a slice of sun, a sliver of California, a spoonful of McEvoy we are proud to announce the release of our 2012 Meyer Lemon Marmaladeavailable in the shop and on-line Friday afternoon. After being hand-picked from the trees that line our kitchen garden, our organic Meyer lemons are sliced and juiced. We add to the lemons some organic cane sugar and pectin and tada! bright lemony deliciousness. I love this year’s batch of Meyer Lemon Marmalade. I dare to say it is our best yet and I look forward to savoring it on far more than just my morning toast. I will put it on crostini with sautéed chard from the garden and Andante Dairygoat cheese. I will add a few spoonfuls to chicken roasted in thyme, rosemary, and other warming herbs. I will use a bit to brighten up a morning parfait of yogurt and blueberries. And I will be sure to make my mother’s famous jelly roll only this time with lemon marmalade and almonds as a colorful treat for my friends. By then, I think my jar will be empty and I’ll have to grab myself some more. You can enjoy the bright color, aroma, and taste of our Meyer Lemon Marmalade at our Ferry Building store. Be sure to pick one up and start thinking outside of the toasted-bread-box.