7 Ways to Savor Minneola Bay Marmalade

bay and orangeThis year's Minneola Bay Marmalade builds upon last year's Citrus Bay Marmalade (known only by our Ferry Building customers). For an extra California twist we incorporated California Bay wild harvested from the hills around the ranch's main production area. The California Bay adds a stronger herb element to our bright and flavorful Washington Navel oranges and Minneola tangelos. This marmalade can be used to spruce up any meal, from breakfast to a late-night snack. Here are our favorite ways to go through a jar: 1. Cozy up to a fire or set an elegant afternoon tea with marmalade filled scones. Try this recipe for Spiced Buttermilk Scones with Marmalade or these heartier Marmalade Barley Scones. 2. Thin marmalade with rice vinegar, soy sauce, and/or Dijon mustard. Add salt, garlic, and spices to taste. Brush over fish before grilling or baking. on stove 3. Enjoy this Citrus Cheesecake with Marmalade Glazeas the sweet ending of a holiday meal. 4. Add a spoonful of marmalade to your morning oatmeal. Top with slivered almonds and tart dried fruits like currants and cherries. 5. Pair with fresh ricotta, like Bellweather Farms Sheep's Milk Ricotta, on a cheeseboard, simple crostini, or spoon. 6. Try your hand as a chocolatier by whipping up some Orange Marmalade Truffles. Feeling intimated? Here is a little Chow.com how-to video. Devour these delights yourself or package them up to give as a sweet hand-made holiday, birthday, or house warming present. 7. Don't eat just a ham and cheese sandwich. Eat a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a citrus kick by spreading on a thin layer of marmalade. We love using Achadinha Cheese Company's Jersey cow and goat milk blended cheese Broncha available at the Thursday farmers market right outside our Ferry Building shop. Our Minneola Bay Marmalade strikes a balance between the bitter and sweet elements of our citrus while also capturing the green and savory aromas found here at the ranch. This complexity makes it ripe for culinary adventure. Let us know how you use it. The possibilities are quite close to endless.