7 Ways to Use Plum & Anise Preserves

Our versatile Plum & Anise Preserves add a touch of Tuscan rustic charm to a meal or table. Here are seven things we like to slather it on. 1. Roast turkey roll up - spread a layer of Plum & Anise Preserves and mayo or aioli on a flatbread and top with turkey and fresh arugula. Roll along from the long side of the flatbread, secure with toothpicks, and cut into rounds to get something like this. 2. Plum Panini - make a grown-up grilled cheese using a smear of Plum & Anise Preserves and a triple-crème cow's milk cheese such as Cowgirl Creamery's Mt. Tam. 3. Elegant Crostata - make a simple, free-form Italian tart using pie dough and Plum & Anise Preserves like this one served up by Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream. cranberry sauce4. Amped Up Cranberry Sauce - Put one package of fresh cranberries in a heavy bottomed pot over medium heat with a thimble full of water. Cover pot and let the cranberry's break down. Add a jar of Plum & Anise Preserves for a more delicious version of Thanksgiving cranberry sauce. 8. Quick Plum Sauce - take some of the labor out of fresh plum sauce by thinning out the preserves with a little red wine vinegar and adding fresh herbs or chili flakes as desired. Serve with duck, ham, or tempeh. 5. Donut Holes - try filling homemade doughnut for a not-to-sweet pastry treat. If you don't have a fancy deep fryer you can make Martha Stewart's baked version or pick up BabyCakes Covers the Classics for a gluten-free recipe. 6. Breakfast Goodies - use our Plum & Anise preserves in stuffed French toast, breakfast crepes, or to top pancakes or blintzes. 7. Ice cream - use preserves as a topping for a simple desert of vanilla ice cream (or go for ginger or cardamom ice cream if you're a little less simple). plum pots Find our Plum & Anise Jam online or in our San Francisco Ferry Building shop!