Ode Natural Beauty for Him

Thanks to our McEvoy men, we've always known that our body care products have universal appeal, but as a team of female creators, we sometimes forget (or have yet to discover) all the beneficial uses of our balms, lotions and soaps. Discover the amazing benefits of Ode Natural Beauty products and how men use them.cedar on log (1) A few months ago, we were wonderfully reminded of our masculine customer base through this YouTube video from the charming Q Brothers (a division of Merz Apothecary), Chicago-based gurus of men's grooming. While dabbing balm behind their ears and lotion into their knuckles, they raved about all the fragrances, even Lavender. q brothers-80 acres-youtube
"Lavendula! It's just like no joke... just like essential oils. That's fresh cut lavender, picked with your hands and crushed with your fingers. That's not a perfumey lavender. Just a great lavender....Wow!"
In case a special man in your life has yet to discover Ode Natural Beauty, here are a few more ideas from our McEvoy men to inspire your gift giving: Chef Mark Rohrmeier mark-chef-mcevoyranch As you might imagine, our chef washes his hands a lot. Based with our organic olive oil, our Blood Orange Hand & Body Washcleans his hands without stripping his skin, leaving him with the sweet, culinary notes of one of his favorite ranch citrus fruits. Winemaker Blake YargerBlake-cement tanks-wine Our winemaker has been using our olive oil on his beard and our garden salve (our original Body Balm) on his hands since his early days at the ranch. Lately, though, his top pick is Cedarwood. In fact, he just asked us if we'll be making a Cedarwood Eau de Cologne.... Shop our Ode Natural Beauty products now.