80 Acres Goes Glam

kirk amyx A day spent recently at the ranch overseeing some new location photos for 80 Acres felt a little like an episode of America's Next Top Model. There's no one like photographer Kirk Amyx when it comes to making products come to life in photos. He's a charming mix of detail-oriented Virgo (he's gotta be one...I'm taking a gamble here), patient sage, ruthless technician and dreamy artist. Look closely in the photo attached. Those are metal booms on the left with leafy branches winched in them to create dappled sunlight!! Lori And if that wasn't enough attention to detail, Kirk's faithful assistant for the day, Lori, was at the ready to make sure nary an olive was out of place---EVER. With Kirk behind the lens, were I but a golden jar of Verde Healing Balm....I might actually like getting my picture taken.