Adding Tapenade to Pasta

Our mise en place includes McEvoy Ranch Olive and Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade. With very few additional ingredients, it is possible to put together a quick, healthy, full flavored entree using tapenade as the base of the sauce. The additional ingredients in this mise are halved cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, basil, grated parmesan, McEvoy Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil and pasta. Start with good quality dry pasta. Boil in salted water - salty like the sea. The best way to check to determine when pasta is cooked properly is to pull out a strand and taste it. When pasta is just al dente, drain and save at least one cup of pasta water. Return pasta to the pan and add tapenade. Toss thoroughly adding a little of the pasta water. Add the other mise en place ingredients; cherry tomatoes, baby spinach and basil. Toss thoroughly again, adding a little more pasta water. Add the grated parmesan, some black pepper or chili flakes. Toss again - plate and drizzle with McEvoy Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil. *Here is a photo of our mise en place *Here is a photo of pasta cooking in salted water *Here is a photo of the tapenade added to the pasta *Here is a photo of all ingredients ready to be tossed together *Here is a photo of your delicious, very quick dinner. Thank you tapenade!