Three Unique Small Batch Offerings

In the McEvoy Ranch orchards we have numerous fruit varieties that other farms pulled out long ago in favor of something newer. Perhaps the newer varieties are more shippable, but the heirloom varieties have flavor and brilliant color. This depth makes for some especially unique organic small batch preserves found only at our retail locations. IMG_3293 Crabapple Elderberry Jelly Dolgo crabapples are usually the most prolific trees in our orchards. The trees beautiful spring blossoms make way to pendant sized deep red fruit. Tart and filled with pectin, these wild apples are perfect for making jelly. We combined their juices with that of the elderberry that line our ponds, making a tart and earthy preserve that accents dry cheeses and cured meats. Pink Pearl atmospherePink Pearl Apple Marmalade The Pink Pearl apple, was developed by a lesser-known California breeder, Albert Etter. The Van Gough of plant breeders, his life was plagued by unsuccessful brilliance and his varieties weren't appreciated until after his passing in 1950. The apple's dusty yellow skin hides beautiful pink flesh. Our antique rose colored Pink Pearl Apple Marmalade is tart with thinly sliced pieces of apple suspended in the fruit's juices. Mix a spoonful of this marmalade into a glass of bubbly water for a delightful refreshment. crabapple stampedCrabapple Meyer Lemon Marmalade We have less than 50 jars left of this 2012 offering that combines tart Dolgo crabapples with refreshing Meyer lemons. Use a spoonful in a vinaigrette for a winter chicory salad.