Almost time....News from the orchards, courtesy of longtime Orchard Manager, Shari DeJoseph

The mist-chilled mornings, the golden-sparkling afternoons and the close anticipation in our lungs all say: we are nearly there! We sewed the cover crops among the orchard rows in perfect time last week: just before the early rainfall. October rains provide a great advantage for us because they encourage the clovers and vetches to pull above the surface of the soil well in advance of harvest activities, creating a lovely green floor (and less mud). The orchard roads that were well-worn with summer travel have been planted over with fast-growing grass and vetch which will help to control erosion during the rainy winter months. As those seeds take root, they are protected by a layer of straw. We have completed our winter-preparation work in the orchards; tending to the trees and the profusion of olive fruit that they are promising this year. At this juncture, we must trust that all of the measures we’ve been undertaking along the way to support optimal development of our olives will carry through these final weeks before harvest and milling. -Ananda