Animal Love

willowbunny closeBesides the jackrabbits, deer, native birds, turtles, insects and the iconic little blue-tailed skinks living throughout our olive ranch, staff pets are a daily sighting on any given work day. From our winemaker's Bernese Mountain Dog, Mauston, to our resident chef's family of cats roaming the property, not to mention Robbie, Mrs. McEvoy's standard poodle, it should come as no surprise that we're a company of animal lovers. Naturally, this affinity for creatures and critters of all sizes has carried into everything we produce at the ranch, especially our 80 Acres body care collection.Picture 016 Purity, care and mindfulness are cornerstones of our product line, and we wouldn't dream of testing any of our ingredients or final products on animals. We're deeply committed to our cruelty-free stance and hoping that one day more ethical cosmetic production might be a standard, rather than a point of difference in the US. Until then, we can still find reason to celebrate over recent industry strides overseas.... After a tedious, 22-year campaign led by the ECEAE (European Coalition to End Animal Experiments), The Body Shop and Cruelty-Free International, the countdown is on to end animal testing on cosmetic products in Europe. Beginning March 11th, the import and sale of any cosmetic or personal care products tested on animals will be banned from every member country of the European Union. This victory marks a global milestone for the beauty industry, creating ethical standards on every personal care item from high-end luxury cosmetics to drugstore brands across the EU. Fingers crossed the US follows suit... Cheers to the animals!