Bastille Day

Whether it's a cozy Italian restaurant, an innovative American eatery or even an ice cream shop, it's always a thrill to find our extra virgin olive oil on menus across town. But when we win over the delicate palate of a classic French chef, we're particularly proud. Last week I dropped off a few gallons to chef Thierry Clement of L'Ardoise, and he told me (in his thick French accent) all about his favorite ways to use our oil. "For zee holiday, I am doing zee salmon, marine in zee McEvoy," he said, "but I also love very much to finish zee fish soup wees your oil." Between the menu, the accent and his intimate corner bistro, on the most charming, tree-lined stretch of Noe street, I can't think of more perfect San Francisco spot to be on Bastille Day. And here's how to make that happen:
L'Ardoise Bastille Day Menu 151 Noe Street @ Henry 415-437-2600
A votre sante!