Best Autumn Salad Contest

Have you checked out Food52? It's a brilliant idea started by former NY Times food reporter, Amanda Hesser, and professional food writer, Merrill Stubbs. The concept is simple. Each week Hesser and Stubbs come up with two seasonal contest themes. For example, last week's themes were "Your Best Thanksgiving Stuffing," and "Your Best Cranberry Sauce." Over the course of the week, the duo narrow the field down to two finalists per category and then everybody gets to vote for the winner. At the end of 52 weeks the winning recipes from each category are published in a collaborative cookbook that's sure to be a big seller. This week they're looking for "Your Best Autumn Salad," and I think we've got just what you need to win! This week's "Fresh from the Ranch" delivery is full of all kinds of autumnal goodness like hearty winter greens and brilliants reds and oranges from our persimmons and pomegranates. And as always, we're flush with extra virgin olive oil. Here are more details from the food52 site:
"A great, big autumn salad. Not a repentant salad, but one that's flush with autumn flavors -- sturdy greens, roasted beets or squash, some nuts, perhaps a little cheese -- and one that's flavorful and robust and doesn't remind us of turkey or candied sweet potatoes! We're betting you've got a great one up your sleeve."
Entries must be in by 11/13 at midnight EST. Good luck and even if you don't win, perhaps you'll find some fresh ideas for Thanksgiving?