Best of Spring: Staff Favorites

You folks aren't the only ones excited about our upcoming Traditional blend release for 2012. After a period of rest, our Italian varietals have melded beautifully to produce a rich and complex extra virgin olive oil that our entire staff has been eagerly awaiting since our precious Olio Nuovo sold out a few months ago.

Here's a taste of what we'll be feasting on this spring with our new release...
Ananda Bagiackas , Assistant Events Coordinator: "I love fava beans, so I usually eat a big bowl of them drizzled with the oil. I also do a quinoa tart with seasonal veggies, finished with our oil, and usually accompanied by more favas!"
Christina Cavallaro, Marketing Director "Agretti Spaghetti! I discovered agretti a couple years ago through a local's a crazy, wild and exciting Mediterranean succulent...available for an ever-so-brief few weeks in late spring. It looks like some kind of amazing seagrass...and tastes a bit like it, too. It's delicious tossed raw with warm pasta, fresh lemon juice, parmesan or pecorino and a McEvoy Traditional blend."
Christine Ignacio, Ferry Building shop Manager: "Fresh, grilled wild Salmon!"
Jeff Creque, Agroecologist:
"New potatoes, spring lettuce and celery; fresh eggs and Cowgirl Creamery's St. Pat's cheese. I use our oil on everything, raw and cooked, without exception."
Keith Bevan
Keith Bevan, Assistant Manager, Ferry Building shop: "Grilled salmon, roasted asparagus and potatoes all drizzled with our oil, and couple glasses of Pinot noir to wash it all down."
Margaret Koski-Kent, Winemaker and Head Gardener: "Mark's fava bean puree."
Francesca Perez, First Assistant Gardener: "Grilled artichokes with a drizzle of our oil....great off the grill! A little salt, a little pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Yummo."
For more delicious eating ideas with extra virgin olive oil, check us out on Pinterest.