Bohemian Rose - Moonflower Design

We were moved to create our newest scent from Ode Natural Beauty. Bohemian Rose, was inspired by our founder Nan McEvoy's legacy and a life so beautifully lived. The wild, free spirit and bohemian soul of this scent is a celebration of her and of unconventional women everywhere. Whether through art, words or self-expression, we want to share the people who captivate us by living their most beautiful life and motivate us to do the same. First up is the woman behind Moonflower Design. Meet the first of our Bohemian Roses, Mandy O'Shea of Moonflower Design. Mandy Mandy began her path as a farmer florist with us in our McEvoy Ranch gardens. It's given us such joy and inspiration to watch the evolution of her journey. Today, based in Athens, Georgia, she and her husband run 3 Porch Farm and a Floral Design company, Moonflower Design, both rooted in the wild rhythms of nature and a passion for organic beauty. Follow her gorgeous feed on instagram and be inspired. Screenshot 2016-03-03 12.41.17
When I was living in California, I worked at beautiful organic olive ranch @mcevoyranch. My job was to help maintain their 7 acres cut-flower and vegetable gardens. It was at the ranch where I discovered my love for growing, foraging and arranging flowers...The smell of this butter brings me right back to my time in the gardens of Sonoma County. - @MoonFlowerDesign via instagram
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