"Plastic bags are one of the most ubiquitous products in the world, and over a million of them leave the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market each year," according to a press release by CUESA, the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture.
...until now. This past Saturday CUESA and market shoppers celebrated the end of plastic bags at the Ferry Plaza farmers' market. From now on, farmers and artisans will only be allowed to provide compostable BioBags or paper bags. Shoppers will be strongly encouraged to bring their own reusable bags, and if they forget, they'll need to purchase one at the market. freshbags1And this is where we come in;) You may have seen or read about our fetching green and nutmeg-colored "FRESH" totes. They're made of a sturdy, sustainable jute fiber, with double-stitched handles, and ideal for even the heaviest of market fruits and veggies. We're selling our standard 12x16-inch tote for fifteen dollars, and we've added a larger 14x21-inch size for twenty-five dollars. In support of CUESA's efforts, we've implemented a new green incentive to make our totes even more appealing: Once you've purchased one of our bags, get 10% off any McEvoy Ranch products everytime you come in to shop with your "FRESH" McEvoy tote. This deal includes our 80 Acres body care line, olive oil, estate food products, produce and flowers. So FYI: BYOT!