Can Local Honey Help Allergies?

The honey we offer at McEvoy Ranch is a wildflower honey, produced fromfields of redbud, rose clover, and wild lilac from Northern California’s Capay Valley. Honey has many healthful attributes, and research suggests that eating local honey is a great way to avoid allergies. Made by honeybees, pure honey is a thick, golden-colored liquid that is sticky and thick in consistency. Local honey is raw and unprocessed. It is obtained in a location that is close to where it is being sold. Processed honey, on the other hand, often contains added ingredients that take away from the natural benefits of honey. What are the Health Benefits of Honey? Several health benefits of pure honey have been studied and supported by the findings of research. Of course, these benefits are only attributed to real honey and not to the honey jars containing corn syrup that are found in many grocery stores. Real honey contains antioxidants, which can encourage healthier blood pressure levels, minimize the likelihood of experiencing a heart attack, and protect you against certain types of cancer. Real honey is easily identified. Simply place a tablespoon of the honey in a glass of water. If it sinks to the bottom, it is pure honey. On the other hand, if it melts into the water, it isn't pure honey. Is Local Honey Good for Allergies? Although the results for studies researching whether local honey is good for allergies are mixed, many of them suggest that it is. The supposition is that people who ingest local honey are also eating local pollen, allowing them to build up immunity against the type of pollen that causes them to experience allergy symptoms each year. Ideally, a person who ingests local honey on a regular basis becomes less sensitive to the type of pollen found on the flowers frequented by the bees which made the honey. Drinking local honey could be good for allergies in other ways as well. Whether you drink a beverage containing real honey or ingest a spoonful of this golden-colored substance, your throat becomes coated. The experience is generally soothing to an irritated throat, alleviating the symptoms of coughing and scratchiness, which often accompany outbreaks of seasonal allergies. Is Honey Healthy? Real honey contains approximately seventeen grams of sugar in a single teaspoon, which is about sixty calories. Although it also offers minute quantities of minerals and vitamins, these amounts don't actually add any value to your nutritional intake. Is honey healthy? Pure honey is healthier than refined sugar since it doesn't increase blood sugar levels as quickly or as high. For individuals who are diabetic, choosing honey over refined sugar might offer some health benefits, although it should still be consumed in moderation. Children under the age of one should not eat raw honey due to the fact that it contains a toxin that is known to cause botulism. While it isn't definite that the child will develop botulism, it is a possibility that should be avoided. Places to Buy Local Honey If you are searching for places to buy local honey, you should stay in your own neighborhood. Farm stands, orchards, bakeries, and produce wagons are good places to buy local honey. You might even find pure honey for sale on the website of a local farm. And of course, we’re happy to supply you with our McEvoy Ranch Wildflower Honey on our website, our store at the San Francisco Ferry Building or our Ranch store. Although the natural benefits of honey are often disputed, many studies have backed up the belief that pure honey is healthy as well as that local honey is good for allergies. Perhaps the best way to discover this for yourself is to purchase local honey and see if it alleviates your allergy symptoms.