Cat Walk

didn't believe me didja?I was taking my cats out for a walk the other day and I was thinking how hard it is to keep looking at the world with fresh eyes. Sorta like my kittens do.tuscon/d.c. hybrid Even in the dead of winter you can find beauty.old man winter And now that the spring has arrived in full bloom it's just like coming alive again. Last year Nan planted flowering cherry trees on the property as a reminder of the time she lived in Washington D.C.cherry beecherry cyprus' The trees are more then a harbinger of Spring they are, in these dark times, for me, a herald of hope and rebirth. As the cats and I walked around the Ranch enjoying the sights and sounds of Spring; actually they were probably trying to kill stuff as I considered my pastoral daydream, our thoughts turned to kibble as the light faded from the day.evening cherriescherry bear