Now is the time for fresh local chanterelles. Here is how you can roast them to concentrate their wonderful woodsy flavor. If yours are as dirty as these, brush them well with a dry brush and/or the back of a paring knife to remove as much forest floor debris as possible. If they are still dirty, they need a bath. Don't worry, just use the spray in the kitchen sink to knock the remaining dirt away then pat them dry with a towel. I like to tear them into lenghthwise strips to preserve their shape. Put them in a oven-safe low baking dish that is large enough to fit them in one layer. Salt Pepper McEvoy Ranch Oil Toss Put them in a 375 degree oven and roast, stirring occasionally. They are moist to start with and after their bath, even moister so you will presently see a fair amount of liquid in the bottom of the dish. Just keep roasting with an occasional stir until the liquid is absorbed (and evaporated.) They are done when they are almost dry. Use them as a side dish, in an omelette, or anywhere fine mushrooms are found. Before After Gerald