Chimichurri and Farmers' Market Kailua

A warm and wonderful family holiday in Hawaii provided some culinary adventures. There is a great Farmers' Market in my brother's home town of Kailua. Some of the winter offerings look very much like my regular Santa Rosa market: Chimichurri and Kailua Farmers Market EggplantChimichurri and Kailua Farmers Market produce And some offerings are very different from my regular market: Chimichurri and Kailua Farmers Market Rombutan Chimichurri and Kailua Farmers Market Bananas Chimichurri and Kailua Farmers Market Ishikari We ran into Deb Mascia, owner and founder of Muumuu Heaven. She designs and sews clothing and home decor made out of vintage Muumuu and Aloha shirts. She makes recycling magic and sustainability beautifully creative. Check out her website: Muumuu Heaven. Chimichurri and Kailua Farmers Market Muumuu Heaven Deb believes in Aloha and wants to be sure that all her business decisions are weighed against the concepts of social and environmental responsibility. She is the real deal. In her basket she has plenty of beautiful produce and was going home to make Chimichurri which she declared her favorite sauce. Chimichurri originated in Uruguay and Argentina and is traditional served on grilled meat or fish but is quite delightful on vegetables as well. If you are making a plan for the new year to eat more plant based - this sauce will make you happy. Chimichurri

Ingredients 1 shallot, minced 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 red jalapeño, minced * Note that the seeds and membranes are where the heat is in peppers. You can adjust the heat by removing or reducing the amount you use. Green jalapeño is fine as well, I just like the red color against all the green. 4 Tablespoons McEvoy Ranch Pinot Noir Vinegar ½ teaspoon sea salt ½ cup parsley, finely chopped ½ cup cilantro, finely chopped ½ cup oregano, finely chopped ½ to 1 cup McEvoy Ranch Traditional Blend Olive Oil *If you have some Olio Nuovo, this would be a great place to use it! Directions Mix shallot, chile, garlic, vinegar and salt and let marinate for ½ hour. Add chopped herbs and whisk in Olive Oil. Chimichurri can be used as a marinade and can be used to baste the meat or vegetables while you are cooking.