Confessions of a college foodie

Take three 21-year-olds from Sonoma Valley, have them all work in the San Francisco Ferry Building and you have a recipe for three college foodies.

My name is Stacy and I live with my two best friends from high school. We all go to the same university and we all work in the Ferry Building. We may be broke, but we're not starving.

Our pantry is stocked with not only McEvoy Ranch Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but Blue Bottle Coffee Beans, Miette Shortbreads, and Recchiuti Extra Bitter Chocolate Sauce. We don't throw keg parties, but we have had some pretty awesome homemade pie parties. And dinner at our house is a constant comparative tasting, full of pastry debates, restaurant critiques, with a little Ferry Building gossip, mixed in. (We are still in college, afterall!)

Yes, my life often feels like perfect sitcom material, so check back often, and I'll try to entertain you with my latest foodie adventures.

-Stacy Sprigg