CONTEST: Name our Kitty!

Remember Mark's "New Employees" posting about a month ago with all the cute photos of our new ranch kittens? Sadly, the girl kitty remains nameless! Her brother now answers to "Sid," as in "Siddhartha," but nothing has really stuck for her. We thought one of you might be able to think up a suitable name for this sweet young thing. Need more motivation than the photo below? We're giving away a 500ml bottle of our 2009 release Traditional blend extra virgin olive oil to the lucky winner! Game on? Here's the deal: To SUBMIT a name, e-mail me ([email protected]) and please include a contact phone number so we can let you know if you won. For your benefit (but mostly the cat's), we'll accept 3 possible names per submission. The DEADLINE is Friday, October 2nd (midnight). Over the weekend, we'll try out all the names and see which one makes her purr. The LUCKY WINNER will be announced Monday, October 5th, and we'll have the prize available for pick-up at our Ferry Building shop in San Francisco. And.....begin! GIRL KITTY PROFILE Hobbies: chasing leaves, killing lizards and mice, hiding under wood pallets, licking Mark's nose Age: 10 mos. Siblings: a yellowish brother named Sid