Contest: Show us your trees!

Do you own a McEvoy Ranch olive tree? Every year we raise and sell thousands of olive trees that we've carefully grown from cuttings through vegetative propagation. We nurture them with careful watering and our rich, organic potting mix, before sending them off into the world ready to acclimate to a new home with ease and live a long, healthy life. Whether you're growing them for table olives, oil or simply love their silvery, green branches, we truly love to hear and see how they've matured. Beginning today through harvest, share your best shot of one of our McEvoy Ranch trees, (fruit-bearing or not!) happily growing at its new home. At the end of each month, our staff will vote on their favorite shot, and we'll send a 60ml bottle of our 2012 Traditional blend extra virgin olive oil to each month's winner. Limit: 5 entries per person, per month. HOW TO SHARE:
  • post a photo on our facebook page
  • share on Instagram, (must including tag #mcevoyrancholivetree)
  • share on Twitter, (including tag: #mcevoyrancholivetree)
Let the games begin.