Ease into Fall with ODE's New Olive Oil Candle and Bath Salts Blend

As we move into the crisp days of fall, the skin and spirit are ready for rejuvenation. Slow down with the changing of the season, creating space for reflection and deep self-care with our new Bath Salts Blend and Olive Oil Candle from ODE.

Grab some vitamin sea.

Inspired by the California coast, our Bath Salts Blend is composed of epsom, dendritic, and Pacific sea salts, and it's infused with our signature scent, Verde. Crafted to soothe sun-damaged skin and frazzled nerves, our salts are an ideal item to pair with our Lavender Olive Oil Soap and Lavender Feather-Light Hydration Body Oil, for a calming escape to the breezy orchards of McEvoy Ranch.

Just add salt.

ODE’s custom salt blend includes epsom salt to ease stress and relax muscles; dendritic salt to hold in scents of freshly cut grass, olive fruit, and fresh summer basil; and Pacific sea salt to replace essential minerals that we lose every day. While you unwind in the bath, light your HarvestOlive Oil Candle to indulge all your senses in the natural beauty of the coming season.

Discover your harvest glow.

Perfect for illuminating any space and filling the air with the intoxicating notes of fall botanicals, our new HarvestOlive Oil Candledoubles as a massage oil.After lighting, allow the wax to melt, creating a pool of luxurious natural oils including olive oil, coconut oil, and skincare-grade naturally-derived fragrance. Massage yourself into tranquility with our soy-free, 100% vegan Olive Oil Candle while notes of verdant new oil, freshly cut grass, and the cool ocean breeze envelope you.

It’s a perfect match.

For the ultimate fall ritual, sprinkle ¼ cup of the VerdeBath Salts Blendinto a warm bath, light your HarvestOlive Oil Candle, and let notes of fall at McEvoy Ranch carry you into a new season. While you soak, turn on the 10,000 Buddhas Ritual Wellness Playlist for Peace to add to your serenity. The multi-talented Amanda Giacomini not only partnered with ODE to design Ritual Wellness Kits (which launched at Wanderlust), she also created this very personal playlist to showcase poetically-minded artists whose music reflects a deep understanding of the human condition and the pursuit of peace. Find our new VerdeBath Salts Blendand HarvestOlive Oil Candlein our San Francisco Ferry Building shop and online beginning Friday, August 30th.