Easter Event at Gump's

Gumps: celebrating 150 years!Gump's is one of Mrs. McEvoy's favorite stores in San Francisco.

For well over a century they have been recognized for their carefully tailored collection of fine, timeless gifts, and this year they are celebrating their 150th anniversary! Needless to say, we're especially thrilled when we see our products gracing their shelves. This Friday, April 22nd, Gump's has invited us to join them for a special afternoon featuring our 80 Acres body care line and McEvoy Ranch extra virgin olive oil. Just in time for Easter, we'll be at their store from 11am until 3pm, ready to help you customize a gift collection with a bounty of our most popular products from our Petaluma ranch. Choose from our luxurious, olive oil-enriched lotions, soaps and bath salts to create a pampering, spa-quality gift basket or pair our award-winning extra virgin olive oil with a selection of our estate food products for a gourmet taste of California. We hope you can join us and have a lovely holiday weekend!