Extra Early Bloomers

Our annual Spring Bloomers tour is extra early this year. In fact, we set a date in April and had to surrender to the tulips and unusually warm winter weather by moving our date up several weeks to Friday, March 16th. Here's a look at what's in store if you'd like to join us at the ranch and a few words from our Head Gardener, Margaret Koski-Kent.... It has been an unusual winter. It reminds me of the drought in the '90's when I used to say, "another beautiful day!" Beautiful, but scary. If this is it for our winter rains, it will be a very difficult year for the gardens. Our plants do need water to produce delicious fruit and vegetables and stunning flowers. So far the daffodils are popping up in many variations on a theme of white, cream yellow and orange. So much so that we moved the date up as many of our new organic tulips are already budding. In equal measure, our apricots and peaches have started to blossom with the rest of our fruit orchards soon to follow. It looks like Ceonothus will be out in electrifying blues, and along with mustard in the orchards and wildflowers. Last but not least, we're seeing plenty of Nan's favorite: tulips! And we look forward to sharing them with you. To register for our Spring Bloomers tour, click here.