Father's Day BBQ, Jam Style

My father is frightened of ketchup. As in, he takes it off the table at restaurants so that he doesn't have to sit near it. He says this behavior isn't new. That he's been uneasy around this condiment for my whole life. His sudden aversion reminds me of when my best friend started speaking in a Tony Soprano accent in the fourth grade. "Fuhgedabout it, Brandon could easily ice Dylan if he was contracted the hit. He's a real wise guy." Really? I think I would have noticed these behaviors earlier. tomato I've accepted that the ketchup phobia is just one of those quirky things my father does, like pretending for my entire life that he can't say the word cinnamon. "Cimmammimmannin," he'd say. Once, just once in 30 years, I caught him pronouncing it correctly by slyly eavesdropping on a discussion of dessert. Nutty or not, my father has conviction and dedication. So these father's day recipes are inspired by my unique and distinctive father. Tomato & Rosemary Preserves are not ketchup, Dad. So please stop hiding under the bed and come outside to the barbeque. PAPA BEAR BURGER Keep father's day interesting by replacing the ketchup on your burger with our small batch Tomato + Rosemary Preserves. Top with carmelized onions, bacon, avocado, or any of your Dad's favorite toppings. Salad SIMPLE SALAD WITH MEYER LEMON DRESSING Mix Meyer Lemon Marmaladeand Extra Virgin Olive Oilin a 1:3 ratio. Toss a mixture of baby salad greens with the dressing and add favas, thinly sliced carrots, and chopped mint. vineagrette JAMMY GRILLED CHEESE Actually grill your grilled cheese! Just lightly butter two slices of bread and place them on a heated grill butter side down. Lay your cheese of choice on top and grill until it melts. Before closing up your sandwhich spoon in some preserves. Try using our Tomato + Rosemary Preserves or Plum & Anise Preserves. For a tarter treat the small batch Crabapple + Meyer Lemon Marmalade or Syrah + Quince Jelly would also pair well.