FFTR 10/14

escaroleAs you can imagine, the ranch was a muddy mess on Tuesday. Everyone went home early and Willow left me a message to say that our "Fresh from the Ranch" delivery would be pretty limited since nobody was there to harvest... Humm...I guess the sun came out because our shop is lush like a rain forest! Yesterday, Willow sent us another beautiful selection of organic goodness including crisp leafy greens, speckled with rich harvest reds and oranges from our end-of-season heirloom tomatoes and peppers. Ahh, autumn! -LETTUCE (6 Magenta, 6 Cosmo Savoy Romaine, & 6 Thai Green)
- Escarole
-Forono Beets
-Bull's Blood Beets
-Forono Beet Greens
-French Shallots
-Roma Tomatoes
-Assorted Heirloom Tomatoes
-Sungold Tomatoes
-Black Cherry Tomatoes
-HOT (Cayenne & Peron Peppers)
-SWEET (Orion, Tangerine Pimiento, Sweet Chocolate, Lantern & Sweet Pickling Peppers)
-MODERATELY HOT (Concho & Acongagua)
-Meyer Lemons
-Seckel Asian Pear
-Granny Smith Apple
-Pink Lady (not Pearl) Apples
-Beurre d'Anjou Pear
-Baby Bear Pumpkin
-2 Tuscan Kale, 2 Beets, 2 Pea Shoots, 4 Sunflower