Five Reasons to Bring McEvoy Camping (Other Than to Eat It)

So this may be a tad late to be sharing this late in the camping season but enjoyable none the less... My boyfriend and I recently went camping, of course McEvoy olive oil came along with us. The night before our 17-mile hike we went to fire up the lantern and pack our lunches before calling it an early night. My boyfriend decided to tip the lantern upside down to get out the shriveled burnt matches before lighting it. After that the lantern didn't want to light, and we read the instructions on the side - DO NOT TIP. oops... We continued to read the directions, which were worn off the lantern from being a good 30 years old. Having no clue what to do I started my trek to a store; packing for an all day hike by flashlight didn't sound like fun. When I arrived back with an alternative light source my boyfriend told me he fixed the lantern about 10 minutes after I left. He told me that he took it apart and oiled it with McEvoy. 5 reasons to bring McEvoy camping (other than to eat it) 1. it will fix your lantern 2. olive oil will naturally help prevent sunburn if applied to skin (do not use in place of sunscreen) 3. on that same note, olive oil will speed up the healing process for sunburns 4. McEvoy Ranch olive oil contains a natural anti-inflammatory (that's the bitter taste) and if applied to mosquito or other bites will soothe them 5. as a moisturizer. Olive oil has a very similar makeup to our own skins oil, when traveling some place dry this will best quench your skins thirst Cheers Stacy S.