Floral Arrangement Workshop

No matter what the season, the variety of texture, color and fragrance in our floral landscape seems to be an endless source of creativity. The bright, green notes filling the air in spring inspired Verde, the signature scent of our 80 Acres Body Care collection. In summer, the lush terraces and orchards become so bountiful our minds starts spinning on delicious new flavor combinations for our small-batch preserves. When autumn and winter roll around, we harvest dewy peppercorn berries, pomegranates and citrus to accent our annual holiday wreaths. And all year long, our talented garden team puts together the most stunning bouquets and arrangements, pulling from whatever the season brings to share with you all at events and our bi-weekly Ferry Building shop delivery. Next month we're giving you a chance to get creative as we host our first Floral Arrangement Workshop at the ranch on August 11th! Our head gardener, Margaret Koski-Kent and her floral assistant, Francesca Perez, will guide you through all the steps in crafting your own arrangement using organic blooms from our summer gardens. They'll cover the basics of line, mass, form and filler, talk about ways to keep your flowers in place and share their no-fail technique to finding the perfect height for your arrangement. Most of our materials will be harvested beforehand, but there will be some time in the gardens showing proper cutting techniques and tips to extend the life of your flowers. Each guest will get to choose their own display vase to take home before selecting their favorite, freshly-harvested flowers from our gardens. August is always especially colorful, and we're looking forward to agrostemma, larkspur, cerinthe, scabiosa, sunflowers, roses and artichoke flowers, among others, coming into bloom that week. If you'd like to join us for our August 11th workshop, please visit our Events page to register!