Fresh from the Ranch 10/19/2012

Our tomato season is winding down, but we do have a few more heirloom and hybrids headed to our San Francisco Ferry Building shop tomorrow at noon. Savor the season and have a beautiful weekend!
  • assorted heirloom and hybrid tomatoes
  • tuscan dino, red russian and red bore kale
  • rainbow chard
  • assorted lettuces
  • red mustard greens
  • radishes
  • mixed herb bunches
  • black czech, jalapeno, islander, holy mole, ring of fire cayenne, padron and green bell peppers
  • lisbon and meyer lemons
  • comice pears
  • braeburn apples
  • edible flower bunches
  • MICRO GREENS: red russian kale, coriander, red rambo radish
  • BY THE STEM: teddy bear sunflowers
  • FLOWER BUNCHES: ageratum