Fresh from the Ranch 1/11/2013

Miner's Lettuce is on our minds these days. This tender, heart-shaped, wild green makes its debut around the ranch each winter after the holidays, and we can't get enough of it. Packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron, it got it's name during the Gold Rush era when gold miners used to eat it after long, barren winters to prevent scurvy. Try tossed into soups, sauteed or wilted like spinach or simply tossed with a little lemon juice, salt and olio nuovo for a simple salad. Stock up on Miner's Lettuce and more beginning tomorrow at noon in our San Francisco Ferry Building shop. Here's a look at what else is in store...
  • mixed herb bunches
  • rosemary bunches
  • tuscan dino kale
  • savoy cabbage
  • holy mole peppers
  • arkansas black, pink lady and sierra beauty apples
  • meyer lemons
  • kaffir limes
  • fuyu and hachiya persimmons
  • WILD GREENS: miner's lettuce
  • YOUNG GREENS: rhubarb chard