Fresh from the Ranch 4/24/2012

How does your garden grow? Perhaps we can help to shape the look of your garden. Don't have space to grow your own veggies, we can help get some fresh veggies and flowers into your home.

  • mixed flower bunches
  • BY THE STEM: calla lilies and bearded iris
  • edible flower bunches
  • mixed herb bunches
  • riccola mint bunches
  • oregano bunches
  • english thyme bunches
  • tuscan dino kale
  • rainbow chard
  • dandelion greens
  • assorted lettuces
  • radicchio
  • baby black summer pac choi
  • pandora leeks
  • packman broccoli
  • snow crown cauliflower
  • caraflex cabbage
  • baby artichokes
  • BABY GREENS: rhubarb chard & encore lettuce mix.
  • MICRO GREENS: cress and red rambo radish
  • POTTED PLANTS: genovese basil & tuscan olive trees
  • STARTS: rocket mix snapdragons & rainbow chard
  • TOMATO STARTS: arkansas traveler, persimmon, matt's wild, sungold, german queen & new girl
  • SEEDS: sweet pea, nigella, larkspur, red russian kale, champagne poppy mix, & cilantroEnjoy!