Fresh from the Ranch 4/5/2013

Make the most of April showers by staying in and savoring some home-cooked meals this weekend. Here's one delicious idea from the Country Kitchen featuring some of the produce in this week's Ferry Building shop delivery. Stop by today around noon for first dibs on our organic goods, fresh from the ranch, and have a great weekend!
  • edible flower bunchesbeet
  • mixed herb bunches
  • rosemary
  • parsley
  • fennel
  • spearmint
  • red russian, red bor and tuscan dino kale
  • silverado and rainbow chard
  • baby fennel
  • asparagus
  • spring artichokes
  • pandora leeks
  • purple olive radishes
  • chiogga beets
  • meyer lemons
  • BABY GREENS: mache, pea greens, arugula
  • POTTED PLANTS: red bunter botanical tulips, euphorbia amygdaloids 'purpurea', oregano
  • FLOWER BUNCHES: city of vancouver tulips
  • VINES BY THE STEM: alicante bouschet grapes