Fresh from the Ranch 5/3/13 sweet it is! Stock up on tender greens, fragrant blooms, freshly harvested favas and more from our organic Petaluma gardens. Get "fresh" tomorrow at noon in our San Francisco Ferry Building shop. Have a great weekend!red lettuce
  • edible flower bouquetssweet peas
  • mixed herb bunches
  • riccola mint bunches
  • red russian kale
  • silverado and rainbow chard
  • sorrel
  • chinese cabbage
  • radicchio
  • red lettuce
  • ishikura bunching onions
  • fava beans
  • baby spring artichokes
  • shelling peas
  • BY THE STEM: bearded iris and ornamental cabbage
  • BY THE BUNCH: sweet peas
  • BABY GREENS: red mustard
  • TEEN GREENS: silverado chard
  • ORGANIC SEEDS: cerinthe; money plant; sweet peas; champagne poppy mix; love in a puff; love in a mist; larkspur; shungiku; red russian kale; cilantro