Fresh from the Ranch 6/14/13

Still unsure about what to gift Dad? How about a home-cooked meal full of beautiful organic prepared by you...paired with a bottle of this?IMG_1680 Stock up tomorrow at noon in our SF Ferry Building shop!
  • FLOWER BUNCHES (provence lavender; snapdragon + ricola mint)
  • edible flowers
  • mixed herbs
  • rosemary
  • red russian kale and tuscan dino kale
  • rainbow and silverado chard
  • radicchio
  • escarole
  • assorted lettuces
  • bull's blood beet bunches
  • belstar broccoli
  • veronica romanesco
  • king richard leeks
  • baby magda squash
  • maxibel green beans
  • roc d'or wax beans
  • lisbon lemons
  • BABY GREENS: pea greens; spinach; red mustard
  • POTTED PLANTS: forest green parsley; english thyme
  • STARTS: german queen; cherokee chocolate; black cherry tomatoes