Fresh From the Ranch 6/18/13

If dining outside in this lovely summery weather is in your future, keep mosquitos away with an 80 Acres Body Care Lavender Candle. Here's what will be FRESH in the Ferry Building Tuesday afternoon.

flying saucer squash and blossom
  • edible flower bunches
  • mixed herb bunches
  • rosemary & ricola mint bunches
  • red russian & tuscan dino kale
  • rainbow & silverado chard
  • escarole
  • assorted lettuces
  • zucchini, magda, & flying saucer summer squash
  • alcosa cauliflower
  • belstar broccoli
  • asparagus
  • bamboo shoots
  • king richard leeks
  • ishikura bunching onions
  • fresh shitake mushrooms
  • maxibel green beans
  • mideast prolific cucumbers
  • FLOWER BUNCHES: lavender provence & snapdragon with ricola mint