Fresh from the Ranch 7/26/13

Have you ever tried Magenta Spreen? Sometimes called "tree spinach," this tender green has a hot pink center and milder flavor than classic spinach. Try it fresh in salads or as a substitute for your favorite wilted greens recipe.magentaspreen Magenta Spreen and other organic, seasonal produce from our ranch gardens will be available tomorrow at noon in our San Francisco Ferry Building shop.
  • FLOWER BUNCHES (snapdragons + ricola mint)kohlrabi
  • edible flower bunches
  • mixed herb bunches
  • cilantro bunches
  • magenta spreen
  • red russian & tuscan dino kale
  • deadon cabbage
  • chiogga beet bunches
  • purple olive & d'avignon radish bunches
  • pandora leeks
  • baby zucchetta, zucchini, magda, & flying saucer summer squash
  • kohlrabi
  • strawberry free, dwarf, & alberta july peaches
  • meyer lemons
  • elderberries
  • MICRO GREENS (sunflower)
Enjoy & have a great weekend!