Fresh from the Ranch 8/10/12

Comin' in fresh to our San Francisco Ferry Building shoptomorrow at noon!

  • mixed herb bunches
  • silverado swiss chard
  • rainbow chard
  • tuscan dino kale
  • assorted lettuces
  • edible flower bunches
  • baby magda squash
  • baby flying saucer squash
  • roc d'or yellow wax beans
  • tavera green beans
  • baby fennel
  • dolgo crabapple
  • meyer lemons
  • lisbon lemons
  • white peaches
  • BABY GREENS: mizuna
  • MICRO GREENS: shungiku, coriander, red rambo radish, red russian kale
  • BY THE STEM: moulin rouge sunflowers & teddy bear sunflowers